The Sphinx is a rock formation in the Bucegi Mountains (South East Romania), in the Carpathians. It lies on a mountain plateau at a hight of 2,216 meters. From a purely scientific point of view we are talking about a 12 meters high megalith that was shaped by the wind into a human head.
The oldest photograph of the megalith dates from 1900. The name of the Sphinx dates from the year 1935 when a publication of the time decided to call it this way.
Daniel Ruzo, a peruvian explorer, launched a theory in 1968. He claimed he had found a link between this Sphinx of Romania, the Dacian people (ancient civilisation that lived here before the roman invasion) and the Markawasi civilisation. He said that he had found some similarities between the Sphinx in Bucegi Mountains and other rock formation in the Andes.
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